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Zap Attack! NEW

Join us for a shockingly good time learning about electricity! Have your hair stand up while we explore all of our zapping tools that the Mad Scientist has brought to guarantee a spark at your party! Dim the lights for ultimate effect. Ages 7-12


Glow Burst! NEW

This party with GLOW your mind! Test out our rainbow shadow wall, witness the effects of a UV light, observe indoor mineral fireworks, experiment with rainbow glasses, and light up a light bulb the Mad Science way! Every child will take home a glow in the dark slime! Dark room required. Ages 7-12


Space Adventure

Come blast off on a space journey with Mad Science! See “shooting stars” through rainbow glasses, explore a dry ice cosmic atmosphere, hunt for aliens with a UV light, witness a space volcano, create alien slime, and launch a real rocket! This party is out of this world! Dark room required. Ages 4-12


Super Hero Science

Zap! Boom! Pow! Come see the science power behind all your favorite superheroes! We will show you how anyone can have super powers all because of SCIENCE! By activating our superhero tools like a Tesla coil, frozen breath, wind power, and a HOVERCRAFT, the super science power will grow within you!


Slime Time!

Ooze into a gooey hour of awesome slimy demos and hands-on slime making! Learn how to be the best slime chef ever using our Mad Science recipe and products. Create and take home three unique slimes at our Mad Slime Station with your choice of ingredients included. Material Fee: $5.00 per child. Ages 7-12


Bubbles and Burps

REVAMPED! Explore how cool dry ice really is! Children will witness a whole dry ice experience! Foamy bubble baths, burping flasks, and dry ice showers will bring smiles to the whole crowd. They will, then, see and be placed inside a grand finale bubble! This is one party you will not want to miss! Ages 3-6


It's Not Magic!

Dive into the mysterious world of magic! Many famous illusions performed by magicians are based 100% on science. See how you can be a great magician by simply using science. The Mad Scientist will perform many of these tricks and explain how IT IS NOT MAGIC, it is SCIENCE! All Ages.


Mad Circus! NEW

Step right up to the Mad Science Circus! Where we see dragon breath through mineral fireworks! We have an elephant give us a shower and we make exploding toothpaste for all the animals! We have a cannon firing and cool off with our clown buckets! This party will be sure to have little ones cheer! Ages 3-6


Winter Wonder Lab!

REVAMPED! Welcome to our frozen castle where everything is powered by science! We will magically make snow appear, taste frozen breath, and pop bubbles the size of snowballs. We will use our science powers to catch a rainbow and conquer a wind vortex! Then, make ice sparkling slime to bring home for keepsake! Ages 4-9


Witchy Science! NEW

Poof, spark, goo! Let’s see what’s inside our Mad Science Brew! Not only that, we will whoosh away on our broom, use monster repelling fireworks and melt the wicked witch’s head! Spooky boo bubbles will guide our way to the foggy place where we make a Mad Science Mummy and Goblin Goo to bring home! Ages 3-7


Freaky Lab

Beware! Enter if you dare to take a look at what’s inside a Freaky Lab! Your hair WILL stand up from a Van De Graaff Machine! Come see the Mad Scientist’s gruesome brew, try the eerie bed of nails, sample steamy blood potion, zap a ghost, watch pumpkin explosions, and finally make creepy slime! Ages 7-12


Fizzy Physics

Fizz, Pop, Boom! From super gas powers: bottles will Fizz, water rockets will pop, and balloons will boom! The fun does not stop here; make a gooey slime for party guests to take home! Make sure you dress accordingly for this hot, sizzling outdoor party! Must be outdoors. Ages 5-12


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