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School-Age Shows

School-age shows are best for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

We offer the following spectacular shows:

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Fire & Ice 

Children will be captivated by this spectacular science show! Throughout the show, volunteers will help discover how hot and cool science can really be! Can paper catch on fire if it’s wet? Be amazed when our “special paper” disappears in a flash! Figure out how heat helps our Mad Science friend “Eggbert” home. After children learn about the properties of fire, the temperature will drop when we explore the science of dry ice. See how at -109 degrees below zero, dry ice can make metal scream. Audience volunteers will help demonstrate what happens when there is too much carbon dioxide trapped inside our bodies! We will clean up our act when a few volunteers are called up to take a dry ice shower… complete with soap and bubbles! As our finale, children participate in our last cool experiment, as the fog rolls in like a spooky scene from a Mad Science movie!


Up, Up and Away! 

This 45-minute presentation is geared toward theaters and large school groups in an auditorium setting. A larger and flashier show than the 'Standard' show, this event will capture the audiences' interest and show how exciting science can be. Included in the show are a variety of eye-popping demonstrations and experiments. There will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on audience participation in this event. Some of the topics and demonstrations include the three states of matter, air pressure (using the Magdeburg Sphere), a Hot Air Balloon, the Mad Science Hovercraft, a giant size vortex generator and finally the Big Sneeze demonstration. This show is very visually exciting, has lots of audience participation and works very well for medium to large size audiences.  




The Four R's - NEW

This shows helps teach students how to become an Energy Efficient Generation with the Four R's:   Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, and Revise! Students will see how to Recycle and Revise, the most efficient way possible, with our Single Stream Relay and demonstration of package shrinking! The children will hear the boom of a difference between gas emission in compost and a landfill! Our Save Water Demo will pop into the children's head of how much water they are using every day and how we can simply reduce and reuse it! Finally, we will role out the benefits of becoming an energy efficient society and children will see how they can do it in their own homes and help save the future of our planet!


Going Buggy 

Learn what it’s like to be an insect in our 45-minute scientific bug “safari”! Discover and bring to light some baffling bug mysteries during this Mad Science show. Using different experiments, volunteers will help us to explore how bugs eat, grow, and defend themselves. Learn how these tiny creatures use their environment to keep themselves stuck to a spot or fly. Discover why an ant can carry so much weight. Using multiple chemicals, we will mimic a bugs’ blood. Then explain why a mosquito’s blood is red when you squish it. (Hint: it’s not his blood!) Also, what is that yellow stuff on your hand from the ladybug? (It’s not what you think!) Creeping in several “explosive” surprises, we find out why a stinkbug is stinky, and then get ready to look out for the Bombardier Beetle!  Check out how a spider grows as it changes its exoskeleton like we change our pajamas!  Enjoy participating in this bug-fest and spark an interest in the world of insets!  This is a show of entomological proportions.


Spin, Pop, Boom! 

Learn about crazy chemical reactions, the amazing properties of acids and bases, and the greatness of gravity! Discover the forces that act on roller coasters as we simulate what happens when they spin upside down. See combustion in action as our roaring exothermic reaction lights up the stage. We’ll also create a colorful chemical reaction rainbow as we introduce acids and bases. In our finale, brave volunteers will help activate an enormous erupting foam volcano !



Be Tobacco Free 

A high energy, fast-paced demonstration for large groups of children grades K-6 that graphically show tobacco's effects. Through an exciting, educational and entertaining program, children will experience first-hand, the unpleasant, and unhealthy aspects of tobacco use. Offers a great opportunity to tobacco-proof children in a fun and interactive way, and leaves a lasting impression. Pre and post activities can easily be used for language arts, math and social studies extensions. Be Tobacco Free is a fully adapted program that meets National Science Education Standards. Mad Science is also a proud member of AAAS, NAEYC and NSTA. 


Marvels of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton would be proud! Come explore his laws of motion in this abundantly engaging physics performance. Observe the power of forces including gravity, centrifugal force, inertia and much more. Then we’ll harness the power of these forces together to create astonishing jet packs and even a rocket-propelled car! This show is sure to please everyone and inspire more imaginative learning in all of our audience members!



Get set for some sparks in this animated romp into energy! Students will participate in energetic demos including lightning-fast siphon chains, crackling static relay races, circle of friendship circuit making and other fun hair raising demos!! The fun doesn't stop there, the students will use their bodies to transmit energy, learn how to save it and enjoy our Mad Science Big Bang signature Finale!!


Rocket Show (Outdoor)

Take to the skies as this introduction to rocketry explains how and why rockets fly. We will demonstrate how fast moving gas allows a sphere to float. Learn how propellers push air to create currents for flight lift off. You will learn why rockets don’t glide but create enough thrust to defy gravity. You’ll witness real model rocket launches that soar several hundreds of feet into the air and deploy parachutes for their return.  (Outdoor show only – Memorial Day - Labor Day - Weather permitting – rain date must be called in 48 hours prior to reschedule)


Pressure Power (Outdoor)

Explore the excitement of energy and pressure! Discover how skaters put power into their spins and how you can sleep safely on a bed of nails. Take cover as we create a soda fountain. If you thought Alka-Seltzer was only for upset stomachs, you’d better put your safety goggles on! Keep them on because we are going to be tossing raw eggs! Witness how air pressure causes a water bottle rocket to careen through the air! (Outdoor show only – Memorial Day – Labor Day Weather permitting – rain date must be called in 48 hours prior to reschedule)


Halloween Spook-Tacular! 

In our spook-tacular show, the scientist creates a Mad Science Brew filled with foggy effects and flashes of light. We use storytelling to teach your little ghouls the story of how Halloween came to be while watching colorful fireworks right in the room! High flying floating eyeballs will amaze everyone!  Unleash the power of science as we melt a witch’s head and experience a Spooky fog effect and then we will astound all as we create a new fuel for the contemporary witch's broom!


Winter Wonder-Lab Holiday Show 

You never know what is hiding around the snow banks when you spend a jolly holiday with a Mad Scientist!  Help Santa “Eggbert” get down a glass chimney in time. We’ll lend a hand to mother nature and watch all the flakes of the beautiful winter weather fly around the room by creating an indoor snowfall. Then look out for a quick change in the weather as we de-frost Frosty, plus what should we do about Jack Frost’s cold?  As the winter holiday draws to a close we’re going to help Santa and those tired reindeer get over the Northern lights with our special Super Sonic Rocket Fuel! Then enjoy the celebration of the New Year with a colorful indoor fireworks display! This holiday special event will use a little magic plus fun, exciting, science demonstrations during the presentation of your cool, entertaining winter event!  


* Some experiments are subject to change


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